Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Birthday to Happy

I can't believe you are ONE already.
Happy is my Girl Friends puppy. She goes everywhere with us. She has many adventures. 

Today is her Birthday.

Hope you have an nice day Happy !!


  1. Oh sweet girl! This little guy it's so cute! With the little sweater...I love, love dogs; we lost our pug Ben last year and I still miss him and haven't replaced him. We would like to get a different race as I do not want to relate it to Bennie and yours is darling! The china I bought 2 boxes for 8 all at once, for my daughter's First Communion, that was to be in 1990 and it was perfect and the tablecloth too, we did a table with lots of the most pretty sweets on it along with a vignette. The photos are not good at all, past technology! Thank you pretty girl for visiting. Lots of hugs. FABBY

  2. Happy looks so warm and well ... happy! What an adorable sweater!
    Happy, happy b-day.
    Blessings, L