Sunday, May 29, 2011

Trash to Green Treasure

I picked this up at a junk sale.
They  were going to throw it away. The leg was broken off and the handle had  snapped off.   The owner said it wasn't of any use to her. 

Not perfect ! 
Look at this tray ! 
It's huge.

And it lifts off the bottom so you can  use  it on a table top.

So I glued it  back  together.

Sanded, Primed and Painted
You can see the very  broken  handle here.

Here is some of the  detail
This leg  looks  bad but is very sturdy still.

Memorial Day Continued

I don't like ladders.

Husband  on the ladder ='s  nervous Nellie  Wife.

Notice  Cody,   he thinks I'm crazy making him hold the ladder !

Today left me with the thought that there must be a patron  saint  of ladders.

For sure I was bothering all the  wrong   people in heaven.

Sure enough !

Saint John Climacus

Known as  John  of the Ladder

Next time I'll know who to  pray  to.


All Went Well and in a few minutes we had them all hung up.

It was a hot day.  We finished this and  jumped  in the  pool.

A view from the side....

A view from the  front.

Thanks for the  visit.   I love comments.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day

We have a small get together for  Memorial Day  this year.   I though I'd go with a lot of  red  this year.  I love starting with the flowers.  I was going to put a small arrangement at each place setting but decided at the end to do one arrangement for the table and finish it with a  woven ribbon.

The only thing in this arrangement that came from my garden was the ivy.

A little closer.....

And very close....

I love this planter. You can click here to see it at
Charleston Gardens
I love this garden center.

 These chargers are one of my favorites.  I got 4 for a gift and I went and got another 8.  I sure do use them frequently !

Lots of  red and white !

I found the red wine glasses at  HomeGoods.  They only had 4.  They are happy living at my house !
I love the stars on them.

Shrimp  Cocktail   is going in here.  I've had these champagne glasses for 10 years.  I like to use them for dessert too.


The butterfly water glass is from  HomeGoods  too.  Really I can't stay away from that store however I always feel like the prices there are the  bargain  of a century !   I have to give credit to my sister in law for finding them first  

I love to mix and  match.
The ramekins are from Le Creuset Stoneware and can be found here.
I love that they have a cover !

These  Salt  and  Peppers  are from another set that I have.  I'll talk about them some other day.

The  red  flatware has a coke bottle like handle. 

 And....   The  pretty  little red checkered dana slip covers are straight from pier 1.   I keep these chairs in the attic most of the time.  I got them a year ago  because  we have so many people at Thanksgiving every year.  When I need some extra chairs it's nice to be able to change the cover for the  colors  you are using.  I don't think these will go back up stairs for awhile!

What do you think, a good  match ?

The  Buffet  is all set and ready to go.

There will be several  desserts.

Pretty Dessert Dishes !  I love anything  strawberry on these.

I hope you enjoyed your visit and....

Have a very safe and happy holiday.

Uncle Frank  you were the "Cats Meow"
Thank you for your years in the Army as a  Chaplin.
You will be  forever  missed!  RIP

Please feel free to drop a  comment,  I love them.  Jules 

HomeGoods,  Tablecloth, Napkins, Lenox Butterfly Glasses, Red Star Glasses, Blue Ribbon.
Pier 1, Chairs and Chair Covers. Napkin Rings (years ago)
Vietri, White Plate (under ramekins), Flatware
Horchow, Red Champagne Glasses
Spode, Dessert Plates, Spode's Jewel, Dinner Plate Spode Tower
Palissy,  Other Red Transfer Pieces in Thames
Ross and Simons, Chargers

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gin and Tonics Welcome Home

Husbands  are amazing people.  Mine puts up with me and has been elevated to sainthood by my friends.  So as a surprise I treated him to  dinner  on the porch.  We started off the evening with gin and tonics.

He's easy to  surprise.   The smile on his face was worth the prep-work.

With the weather as hot and  sticky  as it was,  I chilled everything.  Shrimp cocktail for him too.  I made this set of napkins.  I needed man napkins.  Men don't want a pink napkin with their drink.   Black  and  white  was a good choice, what do you think?

With the US Open weeks away I decided to get out our  golf  glassware. 

See  that  golf ball in there !

Plenty of cold  limes.  We add a whole lime to every drink.  The extra lime juice makes a great G and T.   I love this tray too.  I don't over polish  silver.  I don't mind little age spots.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our Father

I was looking through some of my winter projects and came across this to share with you today. I love to cross stitch. I manage to get a lot of time doing this during the winter. I made this for my parents. You know what a rush Christmas is. The only thing I didn't get was a picture of it framed. They did such a nice job putting a cherry frame on this.

I have done the Our Father several times using different patterns. It's such a beautiful prayer. I can get lost in stitching for hours. I have several other projects under way and I'll share them when I can!

I hope you all have a great Wednesday.  Jules ♥

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday

Hi Everyone

I'm a frenzied cleaning machine these days. I'm getting ready for the US Open at the Congressional and my house needs to be ... fluffed ! Much nicer word than cleaned...

However there is still time for a few good things like my first post on Tea Cup Tuesday.  Photos taken in room that is under the knife so to speak.

 One of my favorite demi cups.

 I am a green and white person.  There is room for other colors but by gravity I end up with something green.

Such a pretty little handle.....

Lily of the Valley a prefect spring flower.....

The back of the cup.....

Wonderful scalloped edge.....

Only problem here is that the cup is empty.  Clearly I need to fix that !

Thanks for the visit.  Drop me a comment if you'd like.  Hope you have a happy Tuesday  !    Jules ♥

Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I'm going through the house one cabinet at a time and giving everything a good cleaning.  I think this year the pollen has been the worst ever.

I have 8 cabinets that look like this right now.. So one at a time they are getting wash and clean dishes put away.  I have a very large kitchen.  When we remolded a few years ago I had a bazillion dish cabinets put in.  The contractor didn't think I'd every fill them all. Well, what do you think?

Someday when I'm done I'll give you a tour of my kitchen !!  I did most of the finish work on my kitchen so it would be fun to share some ideas.

Here is some of the mess that I made taking everything out of their hiding spaces.. Everything is on my baking island.

I have some of my green dishes in this one... let me know what you think!

When I redid the kitchen I put in two dishwashers. I had some funny faces made at first about having two. Since then I've had many people tell me how smart it was. I love them both and have named them. Alfred and Betty, is that a hoot?

I've never counted the number of place setting I have. I'm afraid I would have to go on Dr. Phil ! I know I'm not a hoarder because we can still sleep in our beds and walk on the floors  !!!

Happy Spring Cleaning Day to All !!!  Thanks Jules ♥