Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday

Hi Everyone

I'm a frenzied cleaning machine these days. I'm getting ready for the US Open at the Congressional and my house needs to be ... fluffed ! Much nicer word than cleaned...

However there is still time for a few good things like my first post on Tea Cup Tuesday.  Photos taken in room that is under the knife so to speak.

 One of my favorite demi cups.

 I am a green and white person.  There is room for other colors but by gravity I end up with something green.

Such a pretty little handle.....

Lily of the Valley a prefect spring flower.....

The back of the cup.....

Wonderful scalloped edge.....

Only problem here is that the cup is empty.  Clearly I need to fix that !

Thanks for the visit.  Drop me a comment if you'd like.  Hope you have a happy Tuesday  !    Jules ♥


  1. Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday! I am so glad you joined in. Your tea cup is one of my favorites, a Shelley Lily of the Valley. I am sharing a Shelley today too. Don't they have the most delicate feel to them? I love the green handle too.
    Thank you so much for sharing with us today.

  2. Welcome to TTT! I love your green and white cup, so pretty. Have a great week and enjoy some tea.

  3. Jules,
    This is a beautiful little demi cup. I love the lily of the valley on it. I have one with lily of the valley on it and it gets photographed often. Thanks for coming by!

  4. Beautiful cup. I love lily of the valley (my birth flower and perfect for May) and I love green! Welcome to tea day. It can become an obsession! (I love dragonflies, too).

  5. Green and white and lily of the valley are all favorites. So lovely. Thanks for stopping by to take our house tour. How nice that Blogger is back up and functioning now! Jane

  6. Oh welcome to your first TCT. And what a special cup to begin with. lilly of the valley are stunning aren't they

    Love Dawn xx