Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thank You for Your Service

This is my son Jack who served in the Navy for 6 years. It's nice to have a day to thank those who have served our Country in the Military.  It's nice to also thank the families that step in to help when some one is deployed.

As a mother you first see your child leave the house and the next you see them in a uniform. I have Jacks service photograph but I though I'd share some of Jack's working pictures.

In the next few pictures I'll show you some of what Jack has done.


WHAT.. my son is going to jump out of that...

The first time my son jumped. I didn't sleep that night. I waited all day for him to call me. I waited and waited. Finally the call came and I listened to his adventure and all his excitement of the day. After we hung up I took a nap.  Some day when he has his own kids we can talk about that day again.

READY...  are you sure you know what your about to do ?

My son has made hundreds of these jumps, day and night.  Being Special Forces, most of the jumps were into the ocean behind a boat that they just pushed out of the aircraft.


Jack Someplace.... 

And Someplace Else...

And Someplace Cold....

♥  Thanks Jack   ♥

This is my Uncles flag.. I so loved him. 
RIP Uncle Frank

Thanks to all of you who have served !!!  ♥
 Have you hugged a soldier today ?
♥ God Bless America  ♥

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