Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Day With My Roses

There is nothing like the first roses blooming in your garden.

I moved these bushes last year and was a little nervous that I may loose one in the move.

I found these roses at a local nursery and fell in love with them. I haven't seen them there again.

They are called Fourth of July. Here is a web page with some information on them. Fourth of July Roses

I Love how the red blends into the white. Each rose has a unique look. Here is a picture of the back of one.

Here is a petal. It looks like it was hand painted.

Like any rose bush it has its share of thorns.

“But he that dares not grasp the thorn Should never crave the rose.”
Anne Bronte (English poet and novelist, 1820-1849)

And so after enjoying my rose bushes I picked a handful and brought them in to enjoy.

Here is another petal. Each one is so different.

Look at this Strawberry Ginger Ale Terrine from Sprinkle Bakes ! I'm going to make this tomorrow. When I first saw this Terrine it reminded me of my roses. I hope mine turns out half this pretty.

It didn't take to many to make a quick arrangement.

The Silver Stand I found in an antique shop in Hingham Massachusetts. I fell in love with the babies holding up the bowl.

You can see why they got the name they do look like fireworks !

The garden is a very special place to me. I hope you enjoyed my roses.


  1. Love these roses, where did you buy them? Going to look for these to plant in my garden! Lovin' the silver stand too!

  2. I did indeed enjoy your roses. Especially as its a rainy dark night here. They are beautiful and inspiring.