Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Walk Through Stonington Borough (part two)

If you haven't seen part one yet here is the link.
A Walk Through Stonington Borough (part one)

Continuing on Water Street in Stonington Borough we come to a small area. Look at these cannons!  You may have seen these before even if you haven't been to the Borough!
Try to guess !

Are you thinking?
Here is another shot.
It's a trick question.


If Mystic Pizza popped into your thoughts, you were right.

Here are a few screen shots from the movie.

These are some great pictures and can be found on Jennifer's travel blog.
It's amazing how much changed since the movie!
The real secret is that most of the movie was shot in the Borough not the Harbor!
If you want to see more of Jennifer's blog check it out here:

Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Walk Through Stonington Borough (part one)

Many people visit Mystic Harbor and miss this hidden part of Mystic, Stonington Borough !
A quick drive from the harbor you can find this beautiful village.
It is always welcoming.

Most of this walk is on historic Water Street.

A quick look from the parking lot you can see the flood marker. A reminder that living on the water is not always easy.

You are treated to porches and flower boxes that are well tended.

Every home is a pleasure to look at. 

Some of these homes date back to the 1700's and belonged to sea captains and sailors.
Now you have fishermen, urban shops and wonderful restaurants !

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lucketts Store

There is only one Lucketts !
This store is so much fun to go to,  I just had to share some of our afternoon  fun  with you.
Yes I bought a few things but I can't tell  you  what I got because some of them are gifts !!

This is the front porch of the store.  
Can you imagine driving up to this in the rain and seeing the bed you've been searching for !
I got to buy my  king  size white canopy bed here.  They gave me a spectacular deal. 
There was only one problem with it.  It could not be taken apart enough to fit through the store doors.  So the bed hadn't sold. 

I got a great  price  that day and they made me a customer for life. 
I called my contractor from across the  river.
He came with his tools !! And  standing  there in the rain, my bed came apart piece by piece.
And on the boat  it came home to my house !
This is how we cross the  Potomac  around here.

I'll post a picture of my bed some time so you can see it too.

Here are some other pictures from today.
Look at this  table.   If you like seafood this little table is for you.
Look at the claws.
We had a debate if it was  lobster  or  crab  but in any case isn't different?

Here is a table that was set up on the porch. I almost bought these wire baskets.
There is so much to see in this one store.

Burlap pillow ..  Anything that has coffee on it is great!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our Little Mystic Rental House

Our trip to Mystic was wonderful. 
We were blessed with the very best weather  Connecticut could offer.

We had rented the cutest little house in town.

And one of the oldest we could find in the Area.
We saw one house older than ours by a couple of years.
We got to stay in a living  Antique  !

After driving in late at night we were delighted with the  view  out our kitchen window.

How nice is that !!

Here is a little walk down our street. 
Mystic is known for their old  homes and  front  porches.

Every house has a  flag.

I sn't this amazing.   Look someone turned simple window  boxes into boats.  
The gardens were beautiful too!

A nd they all look so welcoming.
This house had such a beautiful view of the river. 

E ach home is painted with wonderful colors from the past. 
I loved this  blue  home.
 Each house looked like it was waiting  for  company.
A s you walk down the street you find people that wish you  good  morning.
There are plenty of dogs being walked to visit.
A nd around any given corner you will find an artist painting.

Enjoy !

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Heat

Hi Everyone, I intend to be back to posting soon. 
I had a little set back with my   Lyme   Disease from the heat.
I am enjoying summer and have some great things to share with you soon.
Thanks Jules

Be  Careful  out there !