Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Walk Through Stonington Borough (part one)

Many people visit Mystic Harbor and miss this hidden part of Mystic, Stonington Borough !
A quick drive from the harbor you can find this beautiful village.
It is always welcoming.

Most of this walk is on historic Water Street.

A quick look from the parking lot you can see the flood marker. A reminder that living on the water is not always easy.

You are treated to porches and flower boxes that are well tended.

Every home is a pleasure to look at. 

Some of these homes date back to the 1700's and belonged to sea captains and sailors.
Now you have fishermen, urban shops and wonderful restaurants !

I love brick work
Could you see yourself starting out in one of these condos?

Old brick that has been painted many times over the years.

Look at this place. The anchor on the door makes the entrance.
Such small details !

There are little doorways going to little houses.

This well tended hydrangea was almost purple. 

It was stunning !
I want to remember these colors well into the winter. 

I don't know what this is called.  Does anyone know?  It looked like little fairy wings. It was so pretty with the white building in the background.

Everywhere you looked is color

And more color

I wanted to go in this house. The smell of coffee was in the air and look at the sandals just kicked off.
"Honey I'm home"

Texture and weathered wood.  The sun and rain made this !

Peeking down this ally made me think of wedding pictures.

How about this iron work?

Look what I found hiding around the next corner!

I'd love to go up here to view the ocean. What a great place to watch a storm come in.

Another porch waiting for it owners.

I love this doorway. This window is one of my very favorites.

And at the same doorway was this urn over flowing with flowers.

Isn't this amazing!

I was hoping this was going to be a gas lamp
Gas lamps are so beautiful at night.

Stunning !

I loved these window treatments. 

Look at the detail.  Something you don't see on new houses these days.

Beautiful Flowers and the cleanest windows in the village.

I was imagining blueberry pies being cooked in here.
All things come down to either fresh coffee or something baking for me.

This home was painted with the most amazing color of blue.

Old !!

Oh this was fun to see !
Look at the detail.

Here is the doorway on that house. 

I can't remember where this gate went to because all I did was look at the gate and tree.

Towards the end of Water Street the Stonington Inn sits and waits for you.
I got to go on one of my first dates here with my husband!

If you get a chance to walk in the door here you will be happy you did. 
Expect to totally relax and unwind. 

More to follow....

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  1. Lovely pictures! I am ready to go for a visit. You made it look so inviting! The architecture is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a lovely post...I have really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful homes. All the wood work is so stunning!
    Have a sweet day,Elizabeth