Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving ! 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Field Trip

Field trip this week to....  

Dunis Tile Studio

My one and only favorite tile company !

Stay tuned !


Hi Everyone!

As I was walking in my yard I noticed I still had clover growing and how beautiful it was. 

When thinking of fall I tend to think oranges and yellows.  But this was so pretty I wanted to share.

Such a pretty burst of color !

Happy Tea Day !


I do have hot water ready to make my cup of tea, but it's not coming near this piece of linen I brought home from Scotland. All I need is a tea stain!

I've used my scissors so much the center screw is loose!

Sigh... basket weave....

Look at the variegation in this one leaf.  

Stunning .. 

And to think that this is just a weed to some.

I'm planing to save these pictures for the dead of winter and put it into a small sampler.

Are we relaxed yet?

Do you think of this as an arrangement? 

When I was a child I  would pick the smallest flowers I could find and put them in jelly jars. It would keep me busy for hours.

Another sigh....  Belleek
I think the china gods made this.

If china could be Fey... this would be it!


People ask me all the time why I am so happy.  
Am I a cup half full or a cup half empty?

I think no mater what is in your cup you aren't stuck with it. 
So dump it out! 

There is nothing like an empty cup .

Possibilities !
It's yours. All the way. You get to pick what goes into it. 

Fill it up !

Here's to all the empty cups in our lives !

Happy Tea Day !

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Blue Onion

Happy Tuesday Tea

Can you believe how fast fall has done. Where is November going.

Time to take a break and enjoy a few minutes. 

I  Love this pattern.  Crossed Swords, Blue Onion.  Blue and white work so good together.  I use this all year long. I can't make up my mind what season works best for this.  

Between cleaning up from one storm to another. We've been putting up quite a bit of firewood.  It will be nice to have this winter to sit next to with a hot pot of tea trying to keep warm.

Love the pierced border ! 


Look at this border !

Enjoy your tea today !

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Look What Paint Can Do

I posted this the other day...

I found this in my favorite shop

 (Click the above picture to go to their web page)

So this weekend it was time to put a little elbow grease into it.
It fits so well in the room we put in into, and the bottom storage is a great place for those bulky blankets and linens.  I wanted to paint the back and sides white but not toooooo white. I bought a small can of  


Benjamin Moore™ 03 Bone White

I was going to put some of my white ironstone on the shelf and thought it looked so good with the white and the bone white behind the china. It looked great until the sun went to the other side of the house around 2 o'clock and then the paint color turned GREEN. Everyone in the house looked at it and thought the same thing.

So today I got out a can of  


Benjamin Moore™ 912 Linen White

 I got my painters tape and got to work and painted the whole back and sides again. What a difference a shade of paint can make. After drying with the windows ope


(not a bad temp for the Middle of November!)

This is what I ended up with... 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veterans Day

Veterans Day
Respect, Honor and Pride
My Deepest Gratitude to all that Served.

A Special Thanks to my Favorite Spec Ops Guy ...
My Son

To those other parents who have watched their child walk out the door for years of service, I say special prayers for you.

To my son, thanks for the many years of service and hard training. 

Enjoy Married life and College ! 

Love You.


Special Operations is a high risk job. 
there is a fund set up for those left behind
the wives and children who often never know what happened to their husband or father. This fund helps the family function and provides the child left behind with college funds.

Special Operations Warrior Foundation

May be found here:



 and here:


Thank You .

As always I love your thoughts and comments. Thanks for the visit. Happy Fall.