Monday, November 12, 2012

Blue Onion

Happy Tuesday Tea

Can you believe how fast fall has done. Where is November going.

Time to take a break and enjoy a few minutes. 

I  Love this pattern.  Crossed Swords, Blue Onion.  Blue and white work so good together.  I use this all year long. I can't make up my mind what season works best for this.  

Between cleaning up from one storm to another. We've been putting up quite a bit of firewood.  It will be nice to have this winter to sit next to with a hot pot of tea trying to keep warm.

Love the pierced border ! 


Look at this border !

Enjoy your tea today !

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  1. I love your blue and white tea cup and think its perfect for any season.

  2. Jules,
    Oh! I would love having my afternoon tea in your blue & white Onion pattern tea cup & saucer. In front of the fire would be lovely, dear one!!! Thank you for you sweet comment and visit.Hope you'll visit again soon! Stay warm!!!

  3. Oh my! This is a stunning blue and white set! I am loving this blue onion pattern, and the plate is a real treat! What gorgeous cutwork around the edges!
    Hope the firewood keeps you warm and toasty this winter : )

  4. Your blue and white set is beautiful! Love the edges! I think you can use blue ANY TIME!
    Have a wonderful week!
    sandy :)

  5. Hi, Jules

    Thanks for stopping by one of my blogs but it is one that I'm not currently active on. I'd love to have you follow me on the blog where I post often here: You might want to enter my Give-Away also!
    Thanks! sandy ;)

    Still love that blue and white! ;)

  6. One of my favorite patterns too. You have some pretty pieces. I also love the pierced border. laurie

  7. What a wonderful set of blue and white china! Blue and white are so classical, they go with any season. All the borders are lovely. I love the scalloped edge of the cup. Thanks for sharing! ~Michelle

  8. My favorite pattern, and I have a whole set of Blue Danube, which is very similar. It is a classic, isn't it? The lacy edges are beautiful.

    A winter's supply of firewood, a sizable stash of tea & coffee and a stack of good books are the staples for a cozy winter, sounds like you're ready.

  9. Hi Jules, I found you! I'm glad you stopped by Behind the Gate and it is wonderful to find another "kindred spirit". I love your blue and white, they are simply lovely together.
    I can't believe fall is almost gone, although I blogged tonight about looking towards Christmas and a trip to the mountains for a bit of snow!
    Gayle from Behind the Gate

  10. Hello Jules,
    Oh, I love your Blue Onion! I don't often see that pattern. It's lovely to use in every season, I think. The cutouts make for a beautiful plate! I'm so happy you stopped by and I invite you to link your pretty china up with my tea party. I know my ladies would enjoy seeing it. Wishing you a delightful day.


  11. How pretty!..I love the cut outs , the hearts as well as the lattice border. I just joined up as a follower.

  12. I've never seen such a beautiful lacy heart border! Wow! Lovely china. I agree - it works well with every season.

  13. I love blue and white...this one is especially gorgeous!Thanks for sharing (dropping by from artful affirmations.