Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veterans Day

Veterans Day
Respect, Honor and Pride
My Deepest Gratitude to all that Served.

A Special Thanks to my Favorite Spec Ops Guy ...
My Son

To those other parents who have watched their child walk out the door for years of service, I say special prayers for you.

To my son, thanks for the many years of service and hard training. 

Enjoy Married life and College ! 

Love You.


Special Operations is a high risk job. 
there is a fund set up for those left behind
the wives and children who often never know what happened to their husband or father. This fund helps the family function and provides the child left behind with college funds.

Special Operations Warrior Foundation

May be found here:



 and here:


Thank You .

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  1. I know you have such pride in your son! What a wonderful post honoring him and all the vets on Veteran's Day. Blessing to all those who serve and who have served.

  2. My tremendous thanks and many blessings to your brave son!

  3. Good Evening to you, Today we held Remembrance Day here in England, to pause and remember the men and women who died during service to their country so that we could enjoy our freedom today. Servicemen like your son, who we thank from the bottom of our hearts. Best Wishes Daphne

  4. I hold your son and you in my prayers. I'll never forget saying goodbye to my Sweet Mister as he left for Viet Nam when our son was 10 days old. Still puts my heart squarely in my throat. Cherry Kay