Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Night Pictures

I'm still learning how to use my camera.

 Mine is a few years older that this.

Last week my husband asked me to take some picutres of the back of the house at night.
He wanted them for our  Christmas card.

I know next to  nothing  about camera settings.
So I got out my camera book and got the basic information to try night  photography.

I tried to set up the camera first where the shot would be 

yikes.. to much clutter

Run back in the house and turn on all the lights in the back of the house.
And then moved some more pool stuff out of the way.

And moved the camera closer.

and waited

Here is the final picture I took
As I took the picture a falling star was seen right over the house!

It was worth waiting for

I still have to learn a bunch but this was so much fun to do.

Try something new this week!

I took one of my pool house too.

I'm going to have to learn how to level the camera at night too.

Hope you try some night time photos!


Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Julia

Julia Child

I love all your cookbooks and TV shows.
You are  truly  missed !

Whenever I cook something new and different I know I can because of you.

If you are young and just starting out, know that there is greatness in all of you.
Don't go out to eat, Cook !!!

If you have a  Julia Child memory please share it with me!

My favorite shows are her with  Jacques Pepin.

Happy Monday ! Jules

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Take a Peek At This..

What !!
Looks like Susan is up to some games !  
Check out  Between Naps on the Porch  for more details.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Special Forces Widow and Childrens Fund

Prayers out to the  hero's and family members.
Thank you for your service, giving us our freedom.

I am the mother of a special forces solider. 

Today I am in great pain for the 
fellow service members
and extended family of the 30 men that died serving our country.

My heart is breaking for these families

There is a fund for the wives and children that are left behind.

Why is there a fund just for special forces families?

Extraordinary  service to our country comes with risk, a great risk. These young men step in and go to the most dangerous missions.  Most families will never learn the cause of death due to the mission, instead being told it was a training exercise.

 We celebrated when Osama was killed.

Many of those just killed were part of that unit.

To help a family you can go to the Navy Seal Foundation.

Can I also ask you for prayers for the families through this difficult time.

If you would like to leave a message to the special forces community you can visit the wall on facebook by clicking below.

There will be a button on my blog that you can please share to go to the Navy Seal Foundation. 

 Thank you very much.



While I was in the garden today I was struck by this thought.
While I  weed,  tend the soil and pick from my garden I have more time to really truly say  grace.
Bless us, 
O Lord, 
and these your gifts,
Such simple words that often get rushed  getting the kids to sit when you are hungry tired and it is the end of the day. 

I dug a few potatoes for dinner tonight. 
These are going to taste so  good  with a little butter and parsley!

Basil  Sage Carrots Parsley  Tomatoes  Peppers  Kale 
What a harvest !

Fresh Basil !  
Wish you could smell it .


which we are about to receive 
from your bounty

There is bounty in a  garden
What a gift that is. To much squash, more tomatoes than a ketchup factory!
Food for many.

Off to the local food kitchen the bounty goes.

On the stove is my tomato sauce for  Sunday dinner.

I made a decision...

While I am tending my garden, on my knees already, I will say grace right there in the dirt.


Through Christ our Lord


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Morning Glory

Every morning I have my  coffee  and start my day on my front porch. 
It's a quiet moment I wanted to share with you.

How beautiful that  God  made these for use to enjoy.

The Glory of Morning Glories !

He must love us for He  made so many things for us to enjoy.

Jules ♥

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stonington Borough MOVIE coming to town !

Remember I was telling you that  Noah's  was going to be famous? 

 A  movie is going to get filmed there this fall.

Great Hope Springs 

Will be filmed on Water Street and in the surrounding area of Mystic .


Steve Carell
as:   Dr. Bernie Field


Meryl Streep
as:   Maeve Soames


Tommy Lee Jones
as:    Arnold Soames

Time to get out your copy of   Mystic Pizza 

and brush up on the scenery.  A new  movie  is coming to town!

The story line:

After thirty years of marriage, a middle-aged couple attends an intense counseling weekend to decide the fate of their  marriage.

Here are the places in town they are filming:
There are three restaurants picked out:


This is where I had my coconut custard pie. I can't wait to see what they do to the inside. It's already so perfect for a movie. I'm sure the will have special touches to add. It will be fun to see the changes they make!

Skippers Dock

Very Quaint

Not much to do here... It's about as New England perfect as it gets!


Water Street Cafe

We just had lunch here. The food was amazing !!!
There wasn't a crumb left on our plates !