Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stonington Borough MOVIE coming to town !

Remember I was telling you that  Noah's  was going to be famous? 

 A  movie is going to get filmed there this fall.

Great Hope Springs 

Will be filmed on Water Street and in the surrounding area of Mystic .


Steve Carell
as:   Dr. Bernie Field


Meryl Streep
as:   Maeve Soames


Tommy Lee Jones
as:    Arnold Soames

Time to get out your copy of   Mystic Pizza 

and brush up on the scenery.  A new  movie  is coming to town!

The story line:

After thirty years of marriage, a middle-aged couple attends an intense counseling weekend to decide the fate of their  marriage.

Here are the places in town they are filming:
There are three restaurants picked out:


This is where I had my coconut custard pie. I can't wait to see what they do to the inside. It's already so perfect for a movie. I'm sure the will have special touches to add. It will be fun to see the changes they make!

Skippers Dock

Very Quaint

Not much to do here... It's about as New England perfect as it gets!


Water Street Cafe

We just had lunch here. The food was amazing !!!
There wasn't a crumb left on our plates !

They will be filming at

The Inn At Mystic

We were treated to a family dinner here last fall to celebrate my Mother In laws birthday.
The restaurant is called Flood Tide, and you guessed it they have great sea food.

They also want to film at:
Econo Lodge Hotel in Mystic

This must be where one of them comes to stay when they have a fight!
(some quick links to my last post from Water Street)

They also want to use two homes in the Borough.

One is on Water Street
(you got the tour what house would you pick,
if you didn't see go through the last few posting I made)
Here is mine...

but it could be any house....

Also they want to use a house on Orchard Street.

this is on Orchard

So were a few others houses I took pictures of. It will be fun to see what they picked out!!

The other place they want to film is at the end of Water Street at the Lighthouse.
These are some of the pictures I took.

and here is some of the scenery that may get used in the movie !


Nice !!

To say good bye today,  I'll show you the house Julia Robers "lived" in in Mystic Pizza. It's one block from Orchard Street. The house sits at the end of Church Street and is amazing !!

Thanks.. I'll keep my ears open for any more news !!!

 Jules ♥


  1. How exciting for the locals! Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones are two of my favorite actors. Perhaps you could be an extra in the movie. ;)

    Thanks for visiting and for your sweet comment. I would love to have you join me for my linky party each week. The link goes up on Wednesday nights.

    By the way, I just joined you as a follower.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  2. Hi Jules, Hubby and visited Mystic a few years ago and we loved the little town. Thanks for sharing this at my Open House party.