Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Walk Through Stonington Borough (part two)

If you haven't seen part one yet here is the link.
A Walk Through Stonington Borough (part one)

Continuing on Water Street in Stonington Borough we come to a small area. Look at these cannons!  You may have seen these before even if you haven't been to the Borough!
Try to guess !

Are you thinking?
Here is another shot.
It's a trick question.


If Mystic Pizza popped into your thoughts, you were right.

Here are a few screen shots from the movie.

These are some great pictures and can be found on Jennifer's travel blog.
It's amazing how much changed since the movie!
The real secret is that most of the movie was shot in the Borough not the Harbor!
If you want to see more of Jennifer's blog check it out here:

All over the Harbor and the Borough you see the same historic family names.
They are on memorials and on homes.

It reminded me of what an impact a handful of families made in this one area over time. 

Amos Denison Jr. was the son or grandson of John Denison.   
We had the chance to rent the house they lived in back in the 1700's.
The Denison name is all over the Mystic area.

Here is a link to see the house we rented.

Special thanks to the family who rented this house to us!

Look how the ivy is trimmed on this house.
There were not many stone houses that we saw in the area.

The side of this house was so pretty .

Another house with a beautiful Copula !

Look at this vine! 
It was heavy with seed pods.

Walking on some of the side streets we found this tower.

Loved the detail on the top !

Another gated garden.
I'd love to set up a table in there and have a dinner. 

A tower that was in need of work
We couldn't figure out what it was it if was still used.
I would love to own it!

This box sat outside a door way
These would be easy to make! 

A panel that is part of a front door.
The grapes that are etched in give just enough privacy.

Look at the door again. 
The panels are windows and work still !

This house was such eye candy

 It sat up a bit on the lot it was on. 
How amazing is this?
I didn't mind that we couldn't see the yard. 
I could use my imagination to fill in what I couldn't see.

Every small touch made a difference.

This place had an amazing factor.  There was detail everywhere.

Screened in porch !

 And a front door and balcony fit for a queen to wave on.
I didn't care for the lamp over the door.  

If  I "had" to live here I guess I could get used to it!

This house is amazing!!

 What do you think would happen if I knocked on the door?
I could have told them I was out begging... I mean blogging, could I please take a peek inside?

Simple finishing details ... everyplace !!

I could have spent the whole day going through them.

The back of the roof

This looked like an old school that got turned into condos. 
I couldn't be sure.
I though the brick was refreshing in between all the wooden homes.

Gardens !

Beautiful window boxes!

I have so much more to show you.
Lets go shopping next !!

I got my bike ready. Want to go see some of my favorite stores?

Hope you enjoyed this... Jules ♥


  1. beautiful pics! Thanks for the tour!

  2. Thank you for taking me back up north! Reminds me of the seacoast towns north of Boston.

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