Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lucketts Store

There is only one Lucketts !
This store is so much fun to go to,  I just had to share some of our afternoon  fun  with you.
Yes I bought a few things but I can't tell  you  what I got because some of them are gifts !!

This is the front porch of the store.  
Can you imagine driving up to this in the rain and seeing the bed you've been searching for !
I got to buy my  king  size white canopy bed here.  They gave me a spectacular deal. 
There was only one problem with it.  It could not be taken apart enough to fit through the store doors.  So the bed hadn't sold. 

I got a great  price  that day and they made me a customer for life. 
I called my contractor from across the  river.
He came with his tools !! And  standing  there in the rain, my bed came apart piece by piece.
And on the boat  it came home to my house !
This is how we cross the  Potomac  around here.

I'll post a picture of my bed some time so you can see it too.

Here are some other pictures from today.
Look at this  table.   If you like seafood this little table is for you.
Look at the claws.
We had a debate if it was  lobster  or  crab  but in any case isn't different?

Here is a table that was set up on the porch. I almost bought these wire baskets.
There is so much to see in this one store.

Burlap pillow ..  Anything that has coffee on it is great!

Or how about this burlap covered lamp !

We had some cow collectors with  us  today and this did catch a few eyes.

My mother had a large collection of these bottles. It reminded me of my childhood home.

Paris !!

Look at this shelf.  Every corner of this store is loaded  with  treasures.

Another lamp that everyone liked.  Don't you like the displays?


More boxes..

This one came home with me I'm going to enjoy this so much! 
It was $45.00 and is in great shape. It has leather hinges.
I can't wait to play with this.

I loved this board with all the letters. 
I think the next time I come back I'll get enough letters to spell coffee for my kitchen.

And these candle holders.  Really I could have bought a million things.

This made me want to write a book. I could see someone madly typing away on this only to have the bell ring.
Computers can't  replace some things.

Remember how a typewriter would shake with your fingers pounding on the keys.

Ding !

We had to stand and look at this wall for a few minutes and let the blue color of the wall wash over us.
The room was warm but the color almost made us feel cooler.

Need a key ?

Babies,  This was so cute.

There was this rack of quilts to go through.  Another day to look at those.

I could see this in someones kitchen

Time to stop and pay.

And a last minute chance to play with the bucket of  metal letters sitting at the checkout.

We got the truck packed up and went on our way. We picked  up pies from the farm stand down the road.
We talked about all the great deals of the day. And some of the fun  things that got left behind for someone else to find.

On the way home across the river the ferry driver peeked in to see what we found.

I hope if you are ever in the Virginia area you get a chance to stop in and see the very nice people of

Lucketts !

Click Lucketts to visit their web page.  Sorry to say they don't ship.


  1. Goodness! You made it to THE Luckett's?! I'm drooling thinking about it. One of my all time FAVE bloggers, Miss Mustard Seed has a room on the third floor there and those German Glass Glitter letters are hers, I recognize them from her blog.

    Swoon- glad you were able to make it. Alas, I can't, I'm stuck in Illinois!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Visiting from My Romantic Home Linky Party today,
    ~Suzanne in Illinois

  2. Your Blog Posts ALWAYS put a smile on my face!!!! =)

  3. Lucketts Store is wonderful; so glad you got a great buy on your bed. I am most fond of Lucketts (the town) because my best friend lives there. :)

  4. Thank you so much for featuring us in a post.
    So glad you had a great time and got some goodies
    See you again soon! :)