Sunday, May 29, 2011

Trash to Green Treasure

I picked this up at a junk sale.
They  were going to throw it away. The leg was broken off and the handle had  snapped off.   The owner said it wasn't of any use to her. 

Not perfect ! 
Look at this tray ! 
It's huge.

And it lifts off the bottom so you can  use  it on a table top.

So I glued it  back  together.

Sanded, Primed and Painted
You can see the very  broken  handle here.

Here is some of the  detail
This leg  looks  bad but is very sturdy still.

Here is the leg I  fixed

The detail on the tray is  fantastic
What do  you  think?
Do you like this color?  It's called apple  green.

Here it is all ready to use.  I'm  happy  I found it. Yard sales are  great !

Thanks for stopping by !

I'm liking up with Susan at   BNOTP  for Metamorphosis Monday !

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  1. I love apple green~ so energizing & fresh! Wonderful transformation! Happy Memorial Day!


  2. Great find, and great color. It looks fabulous. I just ordered apple green pain by Glidden when they were doing a freebie on line. So glad to see the true color. I want that piece, I just love it. Thanks for following me at the Cabin, and I am also your newest follower. Have a Great Week:)

  3. That looks just great! A tabletop made with wine corks sounds like a super project. I'll have to open another bottle to get started! Love your blog. I'm going to have a look around.. Thanks for stopping by MAY DAYS.

  4. How cute is that! I love the two together!

  5. It's fantastic, you were so smart to take it home! You did a wonderful job and it looks great with the plants and you're right, something with those beautiful legs, I would never throu away! I'm also a newest follower and thank you too for following and for the lovely comments you left me. I bought 2 boxes of these china, of 8 place settings, complete with tea pot, creamer, sugar bowl, platter and salad bowl! I have 16 place settings, now, plus double of each serving piece. Have a great week my new friend!
    Lots of hugs!

  6. Oh how pretty! Great transformation, love how it turned out!..Christine

  7. Jules, You did an amazing job with that table!! Love the brought it right into this century.

  8. Hello Jules,
    the tray table is jsut wonderful, I love the fine details. What a luck you found it. Would be so sorry if they through it away. You did a fabulous job with fixing and painting. Now it is opretty again and a very outstanding part of your interieur.
    Thank you for following me. I am your new follower, too.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  9. Cute!! I love saving something that someone else thought was trash. Love the green.

  10. Jules, you did great!!! Wonderful table and the color you chose ... too cute! Thanks for visiting and following...following you too!

  11. You are amazing at seeing the beauty in things! You did a fabulous job re doing this tea table, I love the color your chose (I would have never thought of it) and it looks so good in your room.
    How fun!

  12. Great eye, girlie! Don'tcha just love it when you can see potential in something that someone else can't? lol! It looks just amazing on your porch ----- and I've got to tell you that your house is AMAZINGLY beautiful!!!! :) I'm your newest happy follower!

    xoxo laurie

  13. Jules- I love the "rescue" table. My favorite color along with pink, of course! It looks perfect on the porch and you did a great job of repair and refinishing!
    Thanks for visiting me and for your sweet comments.
    Blessings, L

  14. I just discovered your blog on Wow Us Wednesdays, and when I saw a picture of your Maine Coon, I had to become a follower. We have one, too, Sergeant Grumbles is his name. Great job on your table. Love the color, too.

  15. You did great job. Love the color.