Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fiber Artist Expresses Her Journey With Lyme Disease Through Art

This is my friend Sidsel who lives in Norway. On her Blog Kill That Lyme you can see she does amazing things with scraps of paper or fabric, her needle and her hands. She has been suffering from Chronic Lyme Disease for may years, a very hard disease to treat. It's rare that you see someone able to express themselves through art in this manor.

We get a look at a life changing day. Don't we all have that one moment in our lives we would like to go back to and change. The one second that will change our lives forever. I know I have many good moments like this, that changed my life in very good ways, however I will never know the day I was bit and infected with Lyme. For this I think I'm thankful. I would not want good memories with my family or friends to be taken from me in this way. To see a larger version of this picture here is a link Isn't this amazing !!

This doll of herself made me cry. It is such an honest picture of what pain and suffering looks like. To brighten the mood a lot, we have surrounded Sidsel with love from far away. Support groups becoming one of the most important tools for a person with Lyme. So from far, I send Sidsel hugs and joy to make her day just a little better.

One of Sidsel's many self portraits
, she shows herself with three doctors that for the most part are telling her they can't treat her. Many of us have had this happen to us during our treatment of this disease. Notice the doctor laughing at her. There is much mental pain caused by the very people who are suppose to help us.

This is titled At The Haunted Castle Of Southern Sweden. She describes in a fairy tail like story about how she came to get Lyme Disease. Made with paper this striking pretty scene looks to be beautiful and flower filled until you notice the black cloud in the horizon. There are some black dots in the garden I believe may be ticks.

Sidsel Has over 80 pieces to post. I hope you can take a second visit her and leave her some comments. She does very well in English !

A small preview of what is to come....

I bet you can't wait to hear the story of this through Sidel's eyes.

A little something else about Sidel, She likes HATS !! Here she is in this matching outfit, I'm now wondering if she made it herself?

And once again...

To you Sidel from faraway.... Love you !!!


  1. To my beloved Lyme-friends and specially to Jules - For the love you express! You make me feel proud of myself. That is a great gift to a Lymie! And I am even more proud of being your friend!
    When I met You I started to think: Lyme is the best that ever happened to me. Never had so many friends in my life! Such a struggling companionship there overseas in the USA. - You are famous here in Europe, for your way of working hard in togetherness! Thanks to all brave people! From Sidsel. Hugs to you, Jules!

  2. Oh Sidel, what talent, what artistic flair you have, such a gift! thank you for sharing your life with others through your amazing art! May you stay strong, continue to fight the battle against lyme disease and remember you are NEVER alone in the fight against Lyme. love, hugs and prayers for better health, your friend in lyme, barbara

  3. Jules, Thanks for writing and posting this. Sidsel's work is beautiful (and so are you)! Love to you for recognizing it and her. XOXOX

  4. What beautiful work, I couldn't but help saying how wonderful it is! I really love your blog page. I really like the setup. You are so talented :) Take care my friend. Angele