Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day

We have a small get together for  Memorial Day  this year.   I though I'd go with a lot of  red  this year.  I love starting with the flowers.  I was going to put a small arrangement at each place setting but decided at the end to do one arrangement for the table and finish it with a  woven ribbon.

The only thing in this arrangement that came from my garden was the ivy.

A little closer.....

And very close....

I love this planter. You can click here to see it at
Charleston Gardens
I love this garden center.

 These chargers are one of my favorites.  I got 4 for a gift and I went and got another 8.  I sure do use them frequently !

Lots of  red and white !

I found the red wine glasses at  HomeGoods.  They only had 4.  They are happy living at my house !
I love the stars on them.

Shrimp  Cocktail   is going in here.  I've had these champagne glasses for 10 years.  I like to use them for dessert too.


The butterfly water glass is from  HomeGoods  too.  Really I can't stay away from that store however I always feel like the prices there are the  bargain  of a century !   I have to give credit to my sister in law for finding them first  

I love to mix and  match.
The ramekins are from Le Creuset Stoneware and can be found here.
I love that they have a cover !

These  Salt  and  Peppers  are from another set that I have.  I'll talk about them some other day.

The  red  flatware has a coke bottle like handle. 

 And....   The  pretty  little red checkered dana slip covers are straight from pier 1.   I keep these chairs in the attic most of the time.  I got them a year ago  because  we have so many people at Thanksgiving every year.  When I need some extra chairs it's nice to be able to change the cover for the  colors  you are using.  I don't think these will go back up stairs for awhile!

What do you think, a good  match ?

The  Buffet  is all set and ready to go.

There will be several  desserts.

Pretty Dessert Dishes !  I love anything  strawberry on these.

I hope you enjoyed your visit and....

Have a very safe and happy holiday.

Uncle Frank  you were the "Cats Meow"
Thank you for your years in the Army as a  Chaplin.
You will be  forever  missed!  RIP

Please feel free to drop a  comment,  I love them.  Jules 

HomeGoods,  Tablecloth, Napkins, Lenox Butterfly Glasses, Red Star Glasses, Blue Ribbon.
Pier 1, Chairs and Chair Covers. Napkin Rings (years ago)
Vietri, White Plate (under ramekins), Flatware
Horchow, Red Champagne Glasses
Spode, Dessert Plates, Spode's Jewel, Dinner Plate Spode Tower
Palissy,  Other Red Transfer Pieces in Thames
Ross and Simons, Chargers


  1. So pretty. You really need to come to Florida so you can help create the mad hatter tea party. June 25th. Door's open.



  2. WOW! Incredibly beautiful! I love your ideas and your inspiration! I actually got choked up at viewing your creations/decorating skills! You put your heart into it!!!!
    It makes me want to clean my house and decorate. Well, I really DON'T want to clean my house... but I would LOVE for it to look like what you have done!!!!
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Love those red star glasses! Great find! Our Home Goods either sells out before I get there or just doesn't get much glassware. Probably a good thing for my bank account.

    Your table and buffet are lovely. And I think I would have to keep those chairs out year round. The slip covers are adorable!

  4. Your table is incredibly beautiful! I love the red and white theme and your special pieces. The chairs are so pretty with the covers. I love the white plates too, what a gorgeous pattern.

  5. i can't believe ive never seen those chairs before..they're fabulous!

  6. Just lovely! I love the glasses, glad you adopted them!

    The slip covers are great, perfect for summer!

  7. So pretty!! I love the red and white combination of all your items. You've inspired me to add to the red glass collection I already have.

  8. So pretty and elegant -- Love your reds -- and those chairs are beautiful!