Friday, June 3, 2011

Planning Stage • 2011 U.S. Open • Congressional Country Club

Washington revolves around Golf.
Golfers have a better  creed  than the post office.

We have  Herbert Hover  to thank for it !

Congressman Oscar E. Bland and O.R. Lubring of Indiana, founders of the Club, set out to provide an informal common ground where politicians and businessmen could meet as peers, unconstrained by red tape. They took their idea to Herbert Hoover, then Secretary of Commerce, who agreed to serve as Founders' Club President and, from 1922-1923, Honorary Founding President of a soon-to-be-built Congressional Country Club. Primarily because of the determination of these original two visionaries, the Club was incorporated in December 1921. Construction of the Club took two and one-half years from concept to completion. Its international recognition, intended for the world of politics, has been achieved instead in the world of golf.

Welcome to the US Open.
The Congressional is a  beautiful  club.

Think of all the national   decisions  that have been made between the 1st  and 18th holes.
This is  serious stuff.  Look at the tee markers used on the green.
Not everyone can  bring  the office with then.

 This year we will be hosting  Japan  for a good part of the event.

Our business relationship with the Japanese was called into play this year due to all of the earthquakes.  Friendships became enhanced to the point that when you heard another round of quakes hit in Japan,  you had to call to make sure everyone and their families were okay.
Don't we live in a small world now?
All of the restaurants are booked. They were book up a whole year ago.
Husband Said  "How are we going to  feed  all these people"?

Calling in the troupes !!

This is my version of the National Guard.
Peggy McGuire, Event Designer, bless her, is there to deal with the menu, the event colors, the staff and to give you a  smile  before the first person walks in the door.

Doesn't this looks so good !

And this...

Or this...

And they work in some  craziest  places.


This is like Midnight at  the  Museum.

In the DC area we have access to most of  the  government buildings for events!
Wonder how many people have tried to talk the the  elephant  after a few drinks.

Look at this event they did.

But when it comes down to it the food has to taste  great.  After eating my way through their entire menu I can say it does in fact taste  amazing.

So now that you've seen some of the food, you will not be  surprised  at all if I tell you ...

I'm using all my own tableware ! Do I have enough  plates,  sure !

Do pigs fly... ummmm no they don't.

I'll be blogging for the week of the open.
You may want to stop in and take a  peek  to see how I'm holding up!

Thanks for stopping in. Feel free to leave a comment.    Jules


  1. you have the sky blue? is the pope catholic? ;) excited for the updates! gonna be a fab time and i'm sure the food will be fav are the mini burgerssssssssss..if only you could fedex some to me

  2. Absolutely LOVE the Blog, Dahhhhling!! You've got a follower ... xoxoxox

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Our Maine Coon is pictured in one of our spare rooms on my Favorite stops around the house post. Love all the pictures of the events.

  4. So glad you stopped by my blog - I will certainly stop back by! Sounds like a wonderful time!
    Thanks for sharing - truly amazing post!