Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pool Side Dinner For Two

All the kids are gone for the evening.

So it was just Doug and Me for dinner.

Really simple menu tonight.

Just a salad and some amazing mac and cheese leftovers.

Certainly not a hard ship eating leftovers, the macs came out to good to be true!

So while things are heating up in the oven,  I thought I'd show you my new domes I made.

What do you think?  I only used two but there are four of them. 
Here is a link to the making of them and a little story that goes behind the scenes.

I like how the plates came out.

Look we have some dinner guests that have already shown up.

Think he see's me!

My favorite all time flatware.
It was the last two sets of the  green  handled flatware Horchow had.  
I was impressed that I really got them. The first time them mailed to me it was the wrong set and I was told they were all gone.  I called the next day and was told they found two last sets, did I want them? Oh Yea.

I put out the bigger (soup) spoons so we could twirl our noodles on them.

the glassware is from Homegoods.   More than one store to get a set of them.

Just a few pictures...



I love my frogs, the ones on the table. 

I like the frogs I find while gardening.   I'll stop and visit with them.  They are all so different.  Spotty green  skin with shades of browns and yellows on them.  Yes, I like them.

I dislike the ones that keep me up at night.  I try to pretend that they are birds chirping but I can't make the jump there and just lay awake wishing they didn't sound so much like.....frogs.


I picked these flowers off the bush at the back door.  My son gave it to me three years ago for mothers day.   
It had a really nice bloom this year.  
I can't remember the name of them.


So very pretty.

This is a small table top fire pit.  I have a few of these that we sit out.  It takes a can of gel fuel.  
One can will last for hours so you have time to relax and enjoy the fire well after dessert.

Look at the detail. 

 The man that makes them sells them at the Sugarloaf  Crafts Fair.   Sugarloaf  travels around state to state so maybe you can find a fair near you.  I have one near me twice a year. 

I'll blog from there the next show!

This past year he only had this one  green  fire pit.  Lots of other pretty colors.  Many in shades of blue.
This jumped right in my cart.  I loved the way it was glazed.  The brown and black spots look great.   
I love the way he finished the edge, like a pie crust.

Time to head in and check dinner.

I hope you enjoyed your visit today.  I love your comments, so keep them coming. 
I love visiting your blogs.

A face only a mother could love....

" Ribbit "

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Homegoods:  Napkins,  Placemats,  Glassware,  Wire domes (before)
Frogs:  Large one was gift,   Small one gift shop in Mystic Ct
Tablecloth:  Vintage
Flatware:  Horchow
Portmeirion:  Large green glass charger and salad plate
Crown Ducal:  Dinner plate


  1. I ""LOVE"" those dome/cloches. SO PRETTY!!! and how wonderful they go with the dishes you've chosen to use! The setting is "PERFECT"!
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. OHMYGOSH! What a beautiful and ROMANTIC tablescape!! You are a great writer, too!! ;-)
    I'm off now to see how you made those darling covers!

  3. Hi Jules! What a great outdoor table for two! Love the covers! You made them?! Well done. They are really cool...

  4. Jules, I'm your newest follower. I so enjoyed this post. Happy to find you! Every detail of your table for two is charming. Love your sense of humor! ~
    "Ribbit" ~ Sarah

  5. I really love this! I skipped over to the post where you show how you made the domes, and I think it's brilliant. The whole table is so pretty to me. I particularly love the colors.

  6. This table is just delightful. Your cloches are certainly the crowning glory. Love the dishes and the pretty napkins and tablecloth.. ribbit! great fun. many blessings, marlis

  7. What a fun poolside table. Love those domes you created. This is a charming table.

  8. Your new domes look just perfect on those plates! Beautiful! I have to confess, I'd much rather hear the peep frogs, than find them in my garden!! Eeek!!

  9. I can't WAIT to go see how you MADE these domes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be making some too! I, too, love frogs and have the ceramic ones on my front porch and back deck and the real ones live in our pond! Come on over and see! Your dishes are beautiful too. I want the recipe for the MAC!!!!! XO, Pinky

  10. Wanted to tell you that a group of us used to go to the Sugarloaf Craft Festival every year!!! The one in Gaithersburg, Md. I am thinking thaty must be near you. I collected pottery! I may have to go back and see if they have one of the fire pits, I love it!!!! XO, Pinky

  11. Gorgeous with all the green, which happens to be my favorite color! The domes are wonderful, you are so creative.

  12. so many great shots, extra smitten with your frog~

  13. Hi lovely lady. I love your Tablescapes for two sweet lady. You have a Great Eey for color and you are good with putting it altogether.
    Im your newest follower on your blog. I hope you come join my Tablescapes. I also hope you have a Great Week with your family.

  14. Wonderful tablescape al fresco! I hopped over to check out the tutorial for the mesh domes....very clever. Thank you for sharing your dinner a deux. Cherry Kay

  15. This is adorable! Love the green glasses, and the fire pit! Neat way you decorated the dome!

    Thanks for following me! I'll follow you as well!


  16. This is such a cute set and the sweetest tablescape I have ever seen! Thank you for the great post and the tutorial on the covers! I have a collection of Portmierion Botanic Garden, it was my wedding china and I just love it in this setting!
    PS thank for your nice comment on my blog about the brunch!

  17. Those domes are just adorable, and doubly so because you made them! Bet the wire made your fingertips sore, tho! Your plates are lovely and the photography is just beautiful!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  18. I love how your domes turned out; just adorable and so useful, too! Your table looks so inviting and I love your guests. Those green glasses are fabulous; I just love the way the bottoms are finished.

    Dinner sounds great, too. Who doesn't love mac n cheese? Paired with salad it sounds like a perfect dinner.

  19. OOoooo! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Those plate shields are amazing! So beautiful! The whole setting is just superb! It's been forever since I've posted on TT, but I just finished up a tablescape for the Lewiston Tour of Kitchens tonight and I just had to share it with you and your readers!!! Hope you can make it by to see the finished product! :) Would love to know what you think, you're a master of these tablescapes, afterall! :) xo,A

  20. HI Jules,
    I love the domes! These are the most creative domes I have seem in a long time. They really are pretty! I also love your green flatware....Your table is perfect and absolutely beautiful.
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  21. Love you creativity! Posted a message on the tutorial for these, they make me smile.... Added your button to my page, but not sure if it's done correctly ( My computer skills are sadly limited to Facebook ). Let me know if I need to fix this, take care, have a great day!

  22. This is sooo charming! If I kiss one of those frogs will he become a handsome prince? Don't say, no....let me dream. lol I adore those domes! Beautiful china and great snag on the green flatware!

  23. Oh how lovely, those domes are inspiring. and how kind of you to share the how to with all of us also. So happy I found your blog.Wishing you a happy weekend!

  24. I love this tablescape! One of the best, creative settings I've seen in a long time! Love those wire domes, and the green flatware too! Simply beautiful! ~Delores