Sunday, June 5, 2011

Where Do You Keep ....

Where do you keep it  ALL  SOME.
What a way to get to know everyone.  You want to look in my  drawers

Take a walk on the wild side and go to The Tablescapers blog for a second look  party of where you put it all.

Here are some of the pictures I took to share.  I think you will understand it I tell you it's not all of it

Sorry I had to use my flash, it's darker than night outside!

Have fun...

I have a  HUGE  Kitchen

This is a 10 foot island in the center of it all.  It gets used  everyday !!!

Yikes... the insides...

 My favorite drawer...  I just thought I'd add it .. even though it's not dishes....
All my  baking  ingredients !!!

 That's the worst of it in the  kitchen  !

 These are in the family room.....
So happy I took this picture.. see the  drip marks  from the glass cleaner... This needs a re-do

Really there are other rooms with cabinets full of  stuff.   I not going to be able to get to it all in one day !!

This is my woman cave... It's getting some paint touched up so don't look to hard.

Some of the dinning room...
This is my room I'm putting things out for the  caterer .  Time to take the spring off the chairs too !!

If you are seeing some of the empty shelves... Don't be  excited  for me ! You can be assured that it is filled.   I have dishes out for the event we are hosting.

There's more.. the attic, other rooms... guess we'll have to wait for a  third one  of these !!

Thanks for stopping by. I wish I had more time to work on this post.  I'm back to work, first job, re clean  the clean glass... 


  1. Can I just say WOW? You have some wonderful dish collections and beautiful glassware as well. I love your storage areas and am seriously jealous.

    It is my dream to one day be able to store my collections by color in an easily accessible area. Ahh, to dream.

  2. WOW - that is some kitchen you have. I can't even comment on all the beautiful dishes. But I do have a question. How do you use the green colanders? I saw another blogger had 2 sets of colored ones also. Thanks.

  3. Oh my goodness!!!! This is simply awe-inspiring! You have the most beautiful kitchen and gorgeous gorgeous collection of dishes, flatware,cups and saucers and crystals...... I loved how you have a separate drawer for different flatware... I'm amazed at your organizational skill. Loved this post!~Poppy

  4. LOVE...all i can think of is that time monica asked if you had plates lolol

  5. Oh. My. Goodness. Your kitchen cupboards with the glass doors and drawers beneath are FABULOUS! Dream cupboards!! I have the same question as Grammy Goodwill. What do you use the colanders for?

  6. Hi, Jules! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower ~ it enabled me to find your beautiful blog and become your newest follower, too! My goodness, you have one seriously awesome kitchen and great storage for those wonderful dishes and stemware. Did you design this area yourself? LOVE IT!! I might, just MIGHT be a tad more organized if I had this kind of kitchen!!

    Hope you will stop by my Wedding Blog Party and Giveaway on Friday!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  7. Love all of your beautiful things!!! Feel for you having to clean all of that though, but it's definitely worth it ;D . Just started to get into doing tablescapes and it's made me a collector of kitchen items for sure. Got your message, Thank you! Found a rose called peppermint-splash, similar to yours, had to go far, far away to buy her. Needless to say it was worth it!!!

  8. Hi Jules,
    Thank you so much for visiting me at "Home is Where the Heart is", its a pleasure meeting you!
    I adore your kitchen (can I move in) LOL.
    What a dream kitchen. I love your cabinets the green is beautiful, did you have them painted?. My cabinets are one year old and were custom made for the house just before we purchased the home. So needless to say, they are not my favorite cabinet style and I would have chosen white or a color like yours. I have been thinking about having them painted. My center island is a re-purposed hutch buffet that belonged to my parents. I painted the back side, changed out the handles and added the butcher block counter and there it is our center island.
    I have looked at your kitchen three times now and I just can't get over how lovely it is. The ceiling is amazing and your doors and all your china. Every girls fantasy.
    I love your chairs and slip covers...LOL (we have good taste) big smile here...
    Would you mind sharing the color of your cabinets.
    I have become your newest follower and can't wait to visit again.
    Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabeth

  9. Oohh...Ahhhh. So much to see and love and pick through. You belong at the Vineyard or on a tv show. Maybe host video segments and teach the rest of us how to be a hostess (something I am so lacking

    Love you to...


  10. Awesome kitchen and storage...I am speechless!

  11. This is the most incredible thing I've ever seen. I sooooo want to come and play in your dishe.. girl it is pure heaven on earth. I looked over your post of all the work you're doing. Wow.... I know you're having a ball, a lot of and rewarding. Thank you for swingingb by to see my small collection and the screen door. I hope you pop in a gain soon..
    hugs ~lynne~

  12. How lucky you are to have such a great kitchen! I had to smile when I saw the large collection of green colanders! Looks like we had the same idea. Thanks for the great tour!

  13. Oh my!!!!! I can't believe what magnificant cabinets and storage that you have. Your kitchen is amazing and then there's more!!!

    Thanks so much for coming to my party.

    - The Tablescaper

  14. All of your dishes are beautiful!! I am a new follower. I look forward to exploring your blog.