Saturday, June 4, 2011


I   love wallpaper

Looking through wallpaper books can keep me  busy  for hours.  I love papers with  bright  colors, flowers or patterns.

This is a Thibaut pattern that I fell in  love  with.  I bought this paper and hung in up in my house in Boston.  It came out  beautiful.   I painted my cabinets white.  We put in a white tile floor.  Finished the kitchen and boy was I happy after waiting so  long  to do it. 

We moved.
There were a lot of things we left behind Family and FriendsThe paths I pushed my baby stroller on one child after another.  Everything that had become so familiar was going to change.

It wasn't that I even had this paper up very long in the Boston house.  
But I  loved  it.

One day while packing I decided I just had to order this again and  hang  it in my new kitchen.
Some how it was like  bringing  a piece of my home with me.
When I called to order it, I found out it had been  discontinued
I called  Thibaut to see if they could help.  I got a lady on the phone who listened to my whole  story  and she went in to action and found me a whole case of it.   There are still times I think of  her.

 Well, we moved.  The house we moved into was a mess.  The people before us had kids, lots and lots of them.  They adopted over   20 of them and they all lived in the house at one time or the other.   I wish I had a picture but they drove a  partridge  family style bus. 

I had my work cut out for me.  We were going to renovate the kitchen right away.

Plans change.

My husbands boss died.
The  new job we moved here for wasn't going  to  work out.
Did you ever do something and spend days shaking your  head  over it.

I even wondered if we could  buy our old house back.

We made it work.  We opened  our  own company.
  It took me  another  10 years to get to the kitchen.

It was so much fun to open the  box  and take out the rolls of paper.   It was like seeing an old  friend again.  I would hang a piece of paper and then step back to look at it for minutes.
One piece at a time my home  joined  me.  You would think that after all that time I would change my mind, find another paper that I liked better, but that  never  did happen.

After a few years the wallpaper in the kitchen has  needed  me.  We have shared memories here.  Little dings and  dents  from all the people in the house.  Oh well , who is  perfect.  What's a little cleaning here and there.  Or a  corner that needs to be re-glued.   We are very happy together

There have been so many good times here.
The walls have  sucked  up all the happiness. 

That's where I've been all  week.   Cleaning my kitchen top to bottom.   I think it's been one of the  best weeks I've had in awhile !!

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  1. Awe, great story and you KNOW I love that paper and you:) Still very upset that you moved away...crying now :(

  2. Love this story!...and I love your choise of wallpaper too, just beautiful. I like it too and forever I wanted to put it on my dining room, but haven't, hope one day! Hugs. FABBY

  3. That is a lovely pattern and it makes you happy!
    I am glad that nice lady was able to aquire it for you.
    Happy Pink Saturday

  4. Great story! I love bright, vibrant colors, too. Instead of wallpaper, I get my kicks painting on watercolor paper!
    I'm your new follower.
    Have a great day,

  5. I fell in love with a pattern from Brunsvig Fils Marge Owen Collection many years ago, too. It was a magnificent floral bouquet stripe. I hung it imy daughters room, and I still think about it all these years and several homes later. I'm so glad that you found your paper again. I understand. Thanks for stopping by my post. Cherry Kay

  6. I love the wall paper! What a nice story1

  7. what a Great story!!!! You are full of life that's why you like papers with bright colors, flowers...