Monday, June 6, 2011

Laundry Room Renovation Time

Here is my Laundry Room.. I wish I had the real before picutres.  When we moved into this house years ago.  We didn't  even  want the kids in that room.  Well, I loved how it turned out!  It was the most loved laundry  room of all time.

I  loved everything in this room, the wallpaper was so much fun to hang.  New washer and dryer!  New cabinets.  Space to store whatever.

 I went a little crazy with the boarder  papers..   But, hey I had fun !



It took some wear over the years.  But the worst part was the  day  the structural engineer  walked through the house while we were doing  this...

And... this

This too...
(don't be scared, it has a happy ending)

Back to the laundry room...

When we had the roof of the house inspected for all the work to be done we found major load problems and  EVERY  room in the house was going to have to have walls opened and steel beams put in the walls..


Pulled myself together and went for it.
I'll do some before and after shots for another post some point.


So the walls are closed up and now my  laundry room  looks like this...

We installed baseboard and door  molding  a few weeks ago. 

 Also got most of the trim painted out

I had decided right away to not to be so  sad  about having to do most of the inside of the house again.  Since I was going to do most of the finish work myself,  I could work on  anything,  this would be fun.   It was hard to pick what rooms to start on.

So here are some of my ideas for the laundry room.  The guest bedroom is right off of this room.  It has a red toile paper up that survived the renovation.  So I though I'd go with a french  RED  and yellow/gold color pallet.

Here are some of the papers I've looked at.  I haven't made up my mind yet.

That's just an idea. 

Here was a nice border

So I start on the walls first.  The blue cabinet over the machines is going to be painted  red.  In the future the doors will get changed out,   the rug will be traded out for tiles,  and when the washer and dryer are done with our family I will get a new shiny pair of red machines in cranberry.

Doug asked me if the carpet was going to get pulled up.  I think in the future it is.  It took a beating during construction.  I would like to tile that floor and put a run down.

There are some great  rugs out there too! 
This is one from Pierre Duex

Finally I could see the floor done with a terracotta tile

This will be an on going project.  I think it will be fun to start shopping for this room.  Who know what Homegoods has in store for me!!  I'll be updating this post as I get the work done.
Thanks for stopping in. I would love to hear from you.



  1. I'm crazy about this laundry room!! I'm so glad you went crazy with border paper, it looks fabulous! We fixed ours a year ago, along with the kitchen and I have the wall on top of the machines, EMPTY! Just showed my hubby and he said, lets put white cabinets on it! Thanks for sharing this, you've inspired me! I'll be showing it too, hopefully soon! Hugs. FABBY

  2. Looks good so far. I like the idea of a terracotta tile. Can't wait to see what choices you make.

  3. Can't wait to see. I'm sure it will be beautiful!!!

  4. First, I have to tell you how pretty the original one was. I would have loved it too, especially the ceiling.

    I love your plans for the new look. I'm imagining it in my head.

    This is a wonderful blog, by the way. I'm going to be your newest follower!

  5. How exciting!!! Love the terracotta tile and Provencal theme, how about a mini Chandelier? Always wanted one in my laundry room, sadly still haven't finished decorating my house yet. The Cranberry washer and Dryer is Gaga Gorgeous!!! Red is my Fave color, so you had me at "Hello" if you know what I mean ;)