Tuesday, March 5, 2013

On the Coffee Table

A Moment to Enjoy Some Blooms

On the coffee table are a few of my plants that I have in bloom for the week.

One is my amaryllis.  

It's so lovely to see it again.  Do you save your bulbs every year Mine go out in the garden in the spring in a slightly shady spot in well drained soil and I enjoy the foliage during the summer. Once in awhile I can be lucky to have one bloom in the garden. In the fall they get dug up and the roots cut off, the bulbs get cleaned and sit out and dry for a day or two.

I then put them in a paper bag and store them in the back of my refrigerator until after Christmas.  

I take them out and put them in a sunny window in bulb vases. Give them a drink and let them come back to life.

They then go in to a pot of new garden soil and I wait.

They start to bloom around the end of February and into March.  What a treat. I like this timing for amaryllis bulbs rather then trying to do this at Christmas time when so much is going on.

This one was from White Flower Farm and is on it's second bloom here.

I also find that it's a great deal to buy your bulbs after Christmas. I bought six new bright red amaryllis bulbs that were marked down from $16.00 to $2.00.  They bloomed for Valentines Day

I hate when they flop over...
So I made this support out of regular garden wire and tape.  Then I just prop the flower over the wire and they stand up. 


Second up is my Jasmine.

I can't take any credit for this.  It's a new gift from my husband from our weekend trip to the garden center.  During the winter we try to go to greenhouses every couple weeks to walk around and enjoy the plants.  


Wish I could share the wonderful smell from this plant.
And it's a beauty!

Twirling and spinning toward the sun.



Thanks for stopping by, I love your comments. 


Jules ~


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  2. your flowers are beautiful. I have never tried to get them to rebloom, but after seeing yours, I will give it a try. Really enjoy your blog