Monday, August 1, 2011

Shopping in Stonington Borough Connecticut

Shopping with a camera !

Stonington Borough is one of my favorite places in New England!
I came home with bags of treasures!

This about sums up the day !  FUN

These are the first windows I found coming out of the parking lot!

The windows are all about the beach!!!
Didn't they do a great job making their display.
How did I forget to get the name of this store?

Stopping in at Tucci is always fun.

How is this for some summer treasure?

The starfish chose me to come home with !! 

A stop in to Devon House Antiques is a must.
loved how the store window sign was shadowed on this sign!

All the wood used to build this furniture is made from reclaimed wood.

This table is amazing, made of a metal door it sure would be striking in someone home or office.

This store is loaded with wonderful artwork, hand selected by the owner who happens to have the same good  taste  in art I have !!!

Wish I lived closer!!

Everything in here would have looked good in my home!

Mostly the tabletop items were catching my eye!

The sign on the way out the door.
I'll be back !!

Lets go to The Hungry Palette
Thanks Sandy for letting me take so many pictures!

The fabric selection !!
Bright !!

Cheerful !!

What would you do with all these colors?
I forgot to ask how big a panel was.

 Lets pay...

ka ching....

Isn't this beautiful !!


A  look across the store....

A  look up... 

The ceiling is a work of  art  from times past.

And then we say good bye and thank you to the ladies!

If you stop in to the store, tell them I said hello!

Click the link below to go to their store...

Hungry Palette


 In between the Palette and the Barbershop is a boutique called

Barraza with some great clothes and special pieces. If my husband was getting a haircut next door, this is the place I would wait. 

If  you have a special occasion I would stop in here for a special piece or two!

Look at the wrap, it was so  perfect  for an evening out!

There were quite a few pieces to finish an outfit.
This little black bag caught my eye!

This little beaded purse was very nice as well.  I liked the touch of  grey  and the fact that it was striped.


Check out this web page for more information.

Barraza Style

 Come get a haircut !!

A break from shopping takes us to Noah's !!

Noah's is soon to be famous.. you'll have to check back tomorrow to find out  why  for my last post from Stonington Borough !


Check out the menu then guess what I had for brunch !

If  you guessed Coconut Custard Pie.. you were right!!

There is nothing wrong with pie for breakfast as long as it's served with fresh made coffee!


The Black Orchid



I have a ring from here I got for Christmas several years ago.

I    ♥  IT !!!


Former submarine welder gone jeweler,  Mr Fishbone  has an eye for picking out stones and fashioning his own settings.  EB's  loss my gain!

Mr. Fishbone is willing to sit with you. He will show you a  stone  and give you some history on it. But what is amazing is his own line of settings! 

In my own opinion the boat lost a  great  welder!

So much fun !!

Here is his web page

Black Orchid Jewelers


Went past the La Grua's window


Adorable  knitted sailboat sweater !


This would be nice on the beach to look at boats...



We were on the beach and spotted this boat coming in to dock.

 I  would have loved a spy glass to peek even closer!

If you click on the picture it gets bigger.

When we got hungry again we stopped into  Theresa's for a snack.


 Ummmmmmm.. Help yourself pay inside !

And a little bit for our friends.

Thanks for stopping in ! 

I have one more post from this area to add tomorrow!

Jules ♥

I want to say thanks to all the shop owners that let me take so many  pictures.
I enjoyed my day in  your  little village.




  1. Love your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine so I could find yours and start following!

  2. Oh my, what a great trip and such wonderful stores and so many fabulous treasures. I would have loved to have been there. Hugs, Marty

  3. Hello,
    shopping with the camera is definately a lot of fun. You found wonderful treasures and that is the way, I can shop in USA easily by blogging.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  4. How absolutely delightful!

    I work on family genealogy, and Stonington, CT is a frequent location that pops up in our 17th century records.

  5. And I love that ship photo the best of all!

  6. Jules, What a fun shopping day. I love the starfish necklace. Thanks for joining my party.